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Margerum Wine Company is committed to creating handcrafted wines using only the highest quality grapes so that we can make wines that are indicative of the place where they are grown.  We strive to make wines naturally, to make wines that have individual characteristics and to make wines with personality.  The scale of production is kept at a level where we can touch and know the wine as it is raised to the bottle – the antithesis of mass production. The standards of quality are measured by our criteria – not by external sources.  We make wines we personally enjoy – some to drink young, all for the table, and others for long aging in cool cellars for our children to enjoy.

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Santa Barbara Vintners Festival Participant

Apr 25
1:00pm - 4:00pm at RIVER VIEW PARK, BUELLTON, CA

Lots of great wineries - including Margerum - good food, and fun people in a beautiful setting!

Margerum Tasting Rooms

After making wine in Santa Ynez for 10 years, Margerum Wine Company brings our wines to the Presidio Neighborhood in downtown Santa Barbara with two tasting rooms. A part of the Wine Collection of El Paseo, the Margerum Tasting Room is adjacent to the Wine Cask Restaurant on Anacapa Street, and MWC32 is in the center of the El Paseo complex.

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